ComPac I and II

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ComPac I and II

Model : ComPac I and II

The Grandaire ComPac® I and ComPac® II air conditioners are used primarily to cool electronic and communication equipment shelters. Due to the high internal heat load, these shelters require cooling even when outside temperatures drop below 60°F (15°C). The ComPac I and ComPac II air conditioners have the necessary controls and components for operation during these (less than 60°F [15°C]) temperatures. All models use the non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant.

The primary difference between the ComPac I and the ComPac II units is that the ComPac® II air conditioner has a factory installed economizer. When cool and dry, the economizer uses outside air to cool the shelter. The economizer provides temperature control, energy cost savings, and increased reliability by decreasing the operating hours of the compressor and the condenser fan. The ComPac I and ComPac II air conditioners are problem solvers for a wide range of conditions and applications. To insure proper operation and optimum performance, all economizers are non-removable, factory installed and tested. In addition, factory and field installed accessories can be used to meet specific requirements.


  • 1 Year Parts
  • 5 Year Compressor

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