Classic Heat Pump 2 to 5 Ton Vertiacl Wall Mount


Classic Heat Pump 2 to 5 Ton Vertiacl Wall Mount

Model : AVPA**HP*

High Efficiency

  • R-410A
  • Scroll compressors are standard on all units.
  • Lanced fins and rifled tubing on the indoor and outdoor coils maximize heat transfer.
  • Electronically commutated indoor blower on the HVPA & HVPSA models.
  • Two speed indoor blower motor on the AVPA 

Engineered Reliability

  • PC board simplifies wiring, consolidates several of the electronic functions in one device.
  • High pressure swith with lockout relay protects the compressor in the event of insufficient condenser air flow.
  • Loss of charge pressure switch with lock out protects the compressor in te event of a loss of refrigerant or inadequate airflow.
  • Time delay for short cycle protection.

Ease of installation

  • Sloped top with flashing eliminates need for rain hood.
  • Built in mounting flanges facilitate installation and minimize chance of water leak.
  • Factory installed disconnect on all unitss, including 460v models.
  • Outside air hood included with each unit.

    Rugged Construction

  • Baked on beige finish over galvaeel steel on exterior sheet metal.
  • Copper tube, aluminum fin evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Corrosion resistant Dacromet external fasteners.

    Ease of Service

  • LED’s on control board idicate operational status and fault conditions.
  • Refrigerant access valves are standard.
  • All major components are readily accessable.
  • Front control panel allows easy access and complies with NEC clearance codes on side by side units.
  • Major components accessable from either side.


  • 1 Year Parts
  • 5 Year Compressor


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